Welcome to discountr.net. I’m Shaun Hoobler, aka. The Hoffmeister (don’t ask!) So, this is a discount site. Obviously. I’ve done all the hard work trawling for discounts and coupons on the products that you’re looking for. Well, that’s not strictly true. I’ve had a little help from my robot friend…

All discount hunting here is done by a robot

I’ve done the hard work, yes … and it consisted of programming my discount hunting robot. It’s a genius at scouring websites and uncovering the hidden discounts offered by the merchant.

How this site is financed

It’s important for me to disclose exactly how this site is financed. All sites should make it eplicitly clear to their readers is their discounts could result in any financial gain for them. If so, it presents the site with an opportunity to be biased in order to persuade the reader to purchase the product. On this site, I do get a commission from the product vendor if I sent a reader over to them and they end up buying. The vendor knows I have sent you over through the use of “affiliate links”. However, I am able to remain unbiased seeing as all my discounts are gathered by a robot and I have no personal say in anything.

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